About Us

Founded in 1888, The Christian Church in Gainesville has been an ever present source of community in the lives of Ozark County Residents. The church joined the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Denomination in the 1980's while also relocating to a wonderful piece of land on the eastern edge of town. Today the church is a host to many community events and a beacon for those experiencing difficult times. 

Our focus is on Mission and Outreach, while also challenging our participants with biblical study within the comforting bonds of fellowship. We are one family based on our common welcome to God’s Feast Table. We celebrate open communion weekly, which means that everyone who worships with us is invited to partake, without exception. We also practice baptism by immersion (dunking as some folks call it). We also recognize all other forms of baptism that our members may have previously experience. 

You won’t find a common creed or doctrine within our walls, just an open invitation to grow in faith at your own speed and experience God’s radical love in all the ways that fit you best.